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[feature] tell me where my apps are on my computer when I do `jitsu apps list` #291

DTrejo opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Would totally love this feature:

tell me where my apps are on my computer when I do jitsu apps list

Thanks so much,

/cc @AvianFlu


I could see this being useful, but I work on 3+ different computers and usually end up storing my apps in a central location as a result and deploy from wherever.

If I was to make an addendum/suggestion I'd be down for listing last deployed location and listing the hostname as well. However due to the lack of console landscape when running jitsu apps list I'd prefer that this info was listed in jitsu apps view <appname>

or if I was to provide another suggestion, here is some imaginary console output:

$ jitsu apps locate myapp
info:    Welcome to Nodejitsu user
info:    It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
info:    Executing command apps locate myapp
info:    Listing all apps for user
info:    The last deployed location for myapp is user@USER-PC:~/projects/myapp
info:    Nodejitsu ok

@DTrejo - It's a bit confusing since the semantic is that the app is stored in the cloud, and your machine only has a copy.

I don't see how jitsu would know where apps are installed on your machine, unless you have already deployed from that location before. At that point, I'm not sure how that would be expressed through the current UX of typing jitsu list ( limited to 80 char width cols here )

What I do is keep a specific dev folder, and inside that i have a specific nodejitsu apps folder for apps.


I'm going to mark this issue as a [wontfix], for all the reasons already mentioned.

If someone thinks they can implement something along the lines of blakmatrix's suggestion and make it work, then we can discuss this further over a pull request.

@jfhbrook jfhbrook closed this

this could possibly be achieved somewhat through a cloud based solution to a user configuration type file...

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