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devDependencies are *sometimes* installed in production mode #298

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It appears that my deployments are failing when I have devDependencies in the package.json. I renamed it to devDependenciesOld and it deploys fine.

Note similar issue may have been fixed in haibu, but not sure which component of nodejitsu is responsible.



changing it to something like NODE_ENV=production npm install may work


Is this still happening? Can you confirm your ENV variable NODE_ENV on Nodejitsu?

It should be set to production by default.

Type: jitsu env list



even though default env is set to "production" whatever is in dev dependencies will get installed. @AvianFlu knows more, but this issue will be phased out soon and i think the direct we will take is to never install devDependencies


My understanding is that, while this is typically not an issue, that some dependencies (possibly grunt-contrib) may be able to override this setting.


This is still an issue, devDependencies items get installed for any 1+ dependencies in the dependencies field, the devDependencies dont get installed on the bundle server, but get passed along to the drone in which the drone installs them


I'm also experiencing this issue. Renaming devDependencies allows the deploy to run without issues. Looking at the haibu code it seems to be running with NODE_ENV=production and --production so I don't understand why NPM is doing it anyways



Ditto. Had to delete devDependencies to get my deploy to work without a socket hangup.

@mmalecki mmalecki was assigned

This has been fixed with a patch to nodejitsu drones.

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