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I've created an account on http://nodejitsu.com and now I'm trying to confirm it by using instructions in confirmed email message. Bacause I'm behing a proxy I use the follows command at first:

jitsu config set proxy http://[MY_HTTP_PROXY_IP]:[MY_HTTP_PROXY_PORT]/

But after the command above I still get an error like this:

info:    Welcome to Nodejitsu
info:    jitsu v0.9.8
info:    It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
info:    Executing command users confirm [MY_USER_NAME] [MY_GEN_CODE]
info:    Confirming user [MY_USER_NAME]
help:    For help with this error contact Nodejitsu Support:
help:      webchat: <http://webchat.nodejitsu.com/>
help:          irc: <irc://chat.freenode.net/#nodejitsu>
help:        email: <support@nodejitsu.com>
help:      Copy and paste this output to a gist (http://gist.github.com/)
info:    Nodejitsu not ok

How can I detect the reason of me problem?


does your proxy require authentication?


no it doesn't


what is the output if you add a --debug flag to your command


@vovan22 Please run jitsu --debug deploy, paste the output in a private gist, and either:

  1. Send it in an email to support@nodejitsu.com
  2. Join #nodejitsu on Freenode and let our staff know that you have the debug information.

Please be sure to reference this issue when you talk to someone so they know what you're talking about.

Be sure that you use a private gist, as the --debug flag may divulge personal information.


@vovan22 https://github.com/vovan22 Did you ever get this to work?

@indexzero indexzero closed this Feb 13, 2013

I am behind a proxy without authentication, and with this command: jitsu config set proxy http://[MY_HTTP_PROXY_IP]:[MY_HTTP_PROXY_PORT]/ it works! Thanks a lot.

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