--raw flag on `jitsu confirm` is not implemented in progress bar #356

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$ jitsu deploy --raw                                                                                                                          [12:49:47]
{"level":"info","message":"   Welcome to Nodejitsu blakmatrix"}
{"level":"info","message":"   jitsu v0.11.2, node v0.8.12"}
{"level":"info","message":"   It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok"}
{"level":"info","message":"   Executing command deploy"}
{"level":"info","message":"   Analyzing application dependencies in app.js"}
{"level":"warn","message":"   Local package version appears to be old"}
{"level":"warn","message":"   The package.json version will be incremented automatically"}
{"level":"warn","message":"   About to write /Users/blakmatrix/projects/fizzbuzz/package.json"}
{"level":"data","message":"   "}
{"level":"data","message":"   {"}
{"level":"data","message":"       scripts: { start: 'app.js' },"}
{"level":"data","message":"       author: 'Farrin A. Reid <blakmatrix@gmail.com> (blakmatrix.com)',"}
{"level":"data","message":"       main: './lib/main',"}
{"level":"data","message":"       engines: { node: '0.6.x' },"}
{"level":"data","message":"       repository: { url: 'git@github.com:blakmatrix/fizzbuzz.git', type: 'git' },"}
{"level":"data","message":"       dependencies: { jade: '>= 0.0.1', express: '2.5.8' },"}
{"level":"data","message":"       bin: { fizzbuzz: './bin/fizzbuzz' },"}
{"level":"data","message":"       name: 'fizzbuzz',"}
{"level":"data","message":"       homepage: 'https://github.com/blakmatrix/fizzbuzz',"}
{"level":"data","message":"       subdomain: 'fizzbuzz',"}
{"level":"data","message":"       version: '0.0.1-15',"}
{"level":"data","message":"       private: false,"}
{"level":"data","message":"       description: 'fizz,buzz,fizzbuzz... baz?'"}
{"level":"data","message":"   }"}
{"level":"data","message":"   "}
prompt: Is this ok?:  (yes) 
{"level":"info","message":"   Creating snapshot 0.0.1-15"}
info     Uploading: [=============================] 100%
{"level":"info","message":"   Updating app fizzbuzz"}
{"level":"info","message":"   Activating snapshot 0.0.1-15 for fizzbuzz"}
{"level":"info","message":"   Starting app fizzbuzz"}
{"level":"info","message":"   App fizzbuzz is now started"}
{"level":"info","message":"   http://fizzbuzz.jit.su on Port 80"}
{"level":"info","message":"   Nodejitsu ok"}

and it looks like the prompt part as well...

@mmalecki mmalecki closed this in 1c0e37b Nov 11, 2012
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