Conflicting subdomains should show a better error message. #385

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I have two accounts with "nodejitsu", namely "harbhub" and "harbhub1". I deployed an app with "harbhub1" that used the domain "" in the "package.json" file. I then logged out of "harbhub1", logged in to "harbhub", and tried to deploy an app to the same domain name. This caused an error due to the preexisting app because it already used the "" domain name. The problem was resolved by deleting the original app from "harbhub1", and then logging on to "harbhub" and deploying. It would be nice to have an error message that told me that this domain name conflict between existing apps was the reason that I could not deploy my app from "harbhub".

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Error: App domain already exists should be sufficient.

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Actually, let me reopen this. If conflicting applications belong to the same user, we could show more detailed info.

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It's not really a matter of IF, 99% percent of the time the user will own the domain on another app or account of thiers. In the rare occasion it's not it could be from copy and pasting others code, or just some one just testing the limits. If we are to provide more info should it be via current API call or an additional look up in jitsu?


Fixed since the infrastructure upgrade

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