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Jitsu changes my package.json and breaks local environment #402

willish opened this Issue · 6 comments

4 participants

will Maciej Małecki Farrin Reid Aral Balkan

Just a minor frustration, but every time I deploy to nodejitsu, my package.json gets changed.

I have to manually undo the changes each time I want to run the application locally.

Specifically it updates the "start" value in "scripts", to "server.js"

This means "npm start" becomes broken locally under windows.

Maciej Małecki

What do you have it set to originally? Please post your package.json.

Maciej Małecki

@barbourwill these fields are required by out infrastracture in order for your app to work correctly.
scripts:start has to be defined to let our application server know what file to start when running your application. This also allows you to just start your app with npm start locally. It's hard to argue that it's a bad change.

Version number change simply represents next release of your application (deployment should be considered a release).

subdomain entry on the other hand, tells our infrastracture where to look for your app (short story). We also need it to properly serve your application. Hardly a bad change either.

The fact that we should work on better support for multiple apps with one package.json is true, though. Since this is basically what this issue is about, I'm going to close this as a duplicate and refer you to one of many of those issues.

Maciej Małecki mmalecki closed this
Maciej Małecki mmalecki referenced this issue from a commit
Maciej Małecki mmalecki [minor] Use proper `scripts:start` syntax
Apparently defaulting to just `script.js` causes Windows to fail hard
(see #402).
Maciej Małecki

b1a818c should help with the Windows issue, too.

Aral Balkan

I just noticed that it sets the name back also. I’m not sure how to change the name (as I have to since someone just grabbed the name I was using in npm). That’ll teach me not to publish early.

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