FR: Rolling deletes of local tarball backups or a cleanup command #404

atuttle opened this Issue Mar 9, 2013 · 3 comments


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I'm not entirely sure why tarballs of builds are stored after being uploaded -- it doesn't seem like they're reused if you immediately re-deploy. As a result, if you deploy often, you end up with a huge set of tarballs in ~/.jitsu. I would propose either always deleting after successful upload, or keeping a rolling backup of the most recent N builds (perhaps 10) but deleting older builds automatically.

If that's too complicated, even a simple jitsu cleanup that deletes tarballs for the current app and jitsu cleanup --all that deletes all tarballs for all apps would be a welcome addition.


👍 just discovered I had 10GB of tar files in my tmp directory!


+1 good proposal



Just cleaned out 3.7GB of crap from ages ago.

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