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Early exit when bumping package.json version [duplicate] #428

skeggse opened this Issue · 5 comments

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When deploying my app today, I allowed jitsu to automatically bump the version number in package.json. After it successfully incremented the version, jitsu exited. I then re-ran jitsu, and it correctly deployed, but never exited after printing Nodejitsu ok. I assume this is a simple logic error in jitsu.


When deploying again, I could not reproduce the exact bug, as jitsu successfully updated package.json and deployed, but never exited after Nodejitsu ok.


@skeggse What version of Node and jitsu?


I thought I was running 0.8, but it turns out it's 0.10, so that would explain the issue.

@skeggse skeggse closed this

Confirmed: bug not present on 0.8.22.


Thanks, we are still working on full node 0.10 support, stay tunned :)

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