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Better error messages from haibu to jitsu #47

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I'm trying to deploy an app via jitsu and it's failing to start.

I started a local haibu server and tried deploying locally and figured out the root cause of the issue. I have a 'throw' command in my code in case a config file isn't set and while haibu is catching this exception, it's not being passed to jitsu.

In this gist I've got:

  • error logs that I get from jitsu
  • error message from haibu that should be passed to jitsu
  • some fishy stuff going on with jitsu where if I restart the app, then start it, it appears to be OK probably a different bug
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Sorry for the late reply, Haibu's CLI is the way to talk directly to Haibu-server when deploying. Deploying via Jitsu will expect the full Nodejitsu stack on our hosting.


Haibu has it's own CLI tool, you shouldn't be pointing jitsu to your local haibu.

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I commented on the gist but I'll reiterate it here.

I'm using jitsu to talk to nodejitsu. I was just using haibu for local testing to perhaps gain some insight as to why the app wasn't deploying.

The fishy stuff that I got with jitsu was from nodejitsu, which is most likely still a bug.


I can perhaps file a separate issue for that particular error. This isn't really a bug, more of a feature request, as it was difficult to guess what was going on since jitsu wasn't providing me enough info.


That would be great, thank you. We can add that easily I think, just wasn't clear to my on the ticket.


Just to clarify, there are two separate issues here at hand:

1) Would love to have more info from jitsu as it would make debugging easier.

2) That really weird error I get when I stop, restart, then start a broken app.

I'll rename this one and file a separate one for 2.


Haven't filed the bug yet because I have yet to create a simple test app to reproduce the bug.

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