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jitsu's help resource does not recognize logout as a resource:

josh@pidgey:~$ jitsu help logout
info:   Welcome to Nodejitsu
info:   It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
info:   Executing command help logout
error:  Unknown action logout on resource help
. . .
help:   Additional Commands
help:     jitsu apps
help:     jitsu snapshots
help:     jitsu users
help:     jitsu conf
help:     jitsu logout
error:  Error running command help logout
info:   Nodejitsu not ok

However, jitsu logout works, and jitsu help users logout returns useful information.


thats because logout isnt a resource, its an alias. I'm guessing the help command needs to be updated so that it checks aliases too.


That's true, but other aliases register with the help command. For example, jitsu help deploy totally works, and deploy is an alias too.

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