Fix copy+paste bug for entering passwords #304

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Hi guys,

I finally found out, why I wasn't able to login after registration. I use a password safe utility that pastes in a generated password. As there was this know issue at isaacs read, I took a deeper look in the dependency tree and figured out the problem:

¬ jitsu@0.9.7 ¬ flatiron@0.2.5 ¬ prompt@0.2.2 - read@0.1.0

So, as prompt inside flatiron is used for reading from stdin, there it is. I took a look at the flatiron repo and the newest version there is 0.2.8 now:

¬ flatiron@0.2.8 ¬ prompt@0.2.6 - read@1.0.4

Aha! So I updated to flatiron 0.2.8 and now I can paste in my password :)


This pull request passes (merged 42ebec4 into 02ec4ab).


+1 Good catch.

I did not realize that the copy / paste bug had already been fixed in read. Same thing happened to me.

@Marak Marak merged commit dbcdc47 into nodejitsu:master Aug 30, 2012
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