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dscape commented Sep 4, 2012

As per @chjj.


jfhbrook commented Sep 17, 2012

yo @chjj are there any issues I should be aware about before I merge this? For example, master api changes, etc?


chjj commented Sep 18, 2012

@jesusabdullah, yeah. This branch probably won't work with http-users. To make this work we would most likely have to add a new set of commands to jitsu for managing api keys specifically. Originally, the old branch (that this was originally designed for) was supposed to handle both public keys and api keys, but those are going to be separated from each other now. There's a bunch of other smaller differences I'm sure. This branch shouldn't be merged until a few changes are made.

To make this happen:

  • The keys/tokens api in http-users needs to be solidified.
  • "tokens" commands need to be added to jitsu. The code below should be used for public keys only.
  • The code below needs to be changed slightly depending on whether http-users expects different fields.
  • nodejitsu-api needs to be updated to correspond to the new http-users api.

jfhbrook commented Sep 18, 2012


I'll leave this open until you think it's ready. Lemme know.

dscape closed this Dec 26, 2012

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