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[fix] process don't exit after jitsu deploy, drain event isn't called #408

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LGTM. Though it is a bit worrysome we flip-flop so much on this 01e2ba1


@mmalecki mentioned the change back had something to do with error reporting... so something to keep in mind when moving forward, since we have immediate plans to refactor the error managment in jitsu I feel this is very minor issue, and that we should procceed bundling this with the errs refactor.


Not ready to be merged yet. I'm seeing issues on other jitsu commands, investigating.

@Southern Southern referenced this pull request in flatiron/flatiron

Flatiron CLI plugin causing multiple problems. #99

3 of 3 tasks complete

This is a valid pull request. I'll merge this now.


Cherry-picked in e1d0f12.

@mmalecki mmalecki closed this
@julianduque julianduque deleted the branch
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  1. +2 −4 bin/jitsu
6 bin/jitsu
@@ -9,7 +9,5 @@ jitsu.start(function (err) {'Nodejitsu'.grey + ' ok'.green.bold);
- process.stdout.on('drain', function () {
- process.exit(err ? 1 : 0);
- });
+ process.exit(err ? 1 : 0);
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