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"version": "v0.1.0",
"access": {
"admin": [
"employee": [
"friend": [
"insults": [
"%% is a wombat-loving heifer-puncher!",
"%% is an unsightly trouser stain!",
"%% is a venomous lily-licker!",
"%% smells of elderberry wine!",
"%% is like one of those callbacks that just won't fire.",
"I slap thee verily with a trout quite large, %%!",
"%% actually looks rather nice today."
"help": {
"password": "To reset your password, type `jitsu users forgot [username]`. To change it, type `jitsu users changepassword`.",
"handbook": "The complete Nodejitsu handbook can be read at",
"support": "If no one is here to help you, type `!support [msg]` to send an email to",
"blog": "Our blog can be viewed at - a number of tutorials can be found there.",
"forever": "Run and monitor your node.js processes forever -",
"http-proxy": "A robust, full-featured HTTP proxy for Node.js with full websocket support -",
"jitsu": "A CLI tool for deploying your apps to the Nodejitsu hosting platform -",
"": "A distributed cross-platform namespaced event system using dnode and EventEmitter2 -",
"node-prompt": "An easy-to-use library for getting input from users while your program is running -",
"gh": "Link to GitHub repositories, issues and commits: `!gh [user]`, `!gh [user]/[project]`, `!gh [user]/[project]@[sha]`, `!gh [user]/[project]#[issue]` are supported",
"like": "Type !like [drink] to select drink you get when you receive karma"
"irc-server": "",
"port": 6667,
"nick": "kohai-default",
"channels": ["#nodebombrange", "#kohai"],
"showErrors": "true",
"userName": "kohai",
"realName": "the lovable IRC bot",
"idCheck": true,
"channelDefaults": {
"commandString": "!",
"messageCount": 0,
"currentTweetCount": 0,
"twitPeriod": 480,
"volume": 10,
"lastVolume": 10,
"rate": 0,
"autoVolume": true,
"active": true,
"wantsTweets": true
"auth": {
"twitter": {
"consumer_key": "Public key for Streaming API access",
"consumer_secret": "Secret key for Streaming API access",
"access_token_key": "Public key for REST API access",
"access_token_secret": "Secret key for REST API access"
"bitly": {
"user": "nodejitsu",
"key": "R_067ef6cdcfc2b223ea26a986395b420c"
"track": [
"follow": [],
"recentTweets": []
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