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Installing module-foundry on Windows

We have worked with Microsoft on this to make the installation and build experience on Windows to be as painless as possible, but we're not Windows experts! Well we do have a resident Windows expert which is why any of this exists in the first place.

But we need your help! If you encounter problems or you want to help with Windows support please open an issue or reach-out to us! All of the configuration in

Basic installation

Installing module-foundry itself it as easy as installing any other npm package:

npm install module-foundry -g

In addition to that you will need to make sure your machine contains appropriate compilers, SDKs, and common tools, to build most nodejs modules. This installation guide will walk you through this process.

SDKs & Tools

Given the manual nature of many MSI-based installers on Windows:

Got 'em? Good. Lets move on. If you're looking for a good chocolatey one-liner:

@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted `
  -Command "iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(''))" `
  && SET PATH=%PATH%;%systemdrive%\chocolatey\bin

After chocolatey is installed, you can automate the installation of the next set of dependencies:

cinst vcredist2008
cinst rktools.2003
cinst git
cinst MozillaBuild
cinst aria2
cinst MicrosoftSecurityEssentials

Note that the MozillaBuild tools also come with msys, as usable unix emulation shell with make/makefile support. Be careful of incompatibilities between gcc in msys and cl.exe from Visual Studio. Generally people assume the latter on Windows, but node modules with Makefiles may only compile with the former. Here be dragons.

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