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Module Smith

A simple extensible npm build bot that works on Linux, SmartOS, and Windows.


Given a small script for building a specific module:

var assert = require('assert'),
    tmp = require('tmp'),
    ModuleSmith = require('module-smith');

var buildbot = ModuleSmith.createModuleSmith();

// Grab a temporary directory to build in
tmp.dir(function (err, tmpdir) {
  // Start our build
    repository: {
      type: 'git',
      url: ''
    directories: {
      root: tmpdir
  }, function (err, stream) {
    // Pipe out the data to stdio

We can dump it to a file via:

node build.js > built.tgz



  • Array options.versions: List of the versions supported with absolute version numbers like ie. '0.8.12'
  • BuildDescription options.defaults: The defaults for a build run using this ModuleSmith., callback(err, tgzStream))

Runs a build


  uid: 'nobody',
  gid: 'nobody',
  command: 'install',
  env: {
    'npm_config_registry': '',
    'npm_config_nodedir':  path.join(process.env.HOME, '.node-gyp')
  repository: {
    type: 'git',
    url: ''
  directories: {
    root: '/path/to/build/output/root'

A build description enumerates a number of values


The npm command that you wish to execute for the build. Can be:

  • install: Installs all module dependencies.
  • build: Runs node-gyp to build any binary dependencies.


Optional environmental variables to spawn npm with.

Some interesting fields are:

  • npm_config_registry - registry to download from
  • npm_config_nodedir - location of node-gyp's include directory

BuildDescription.uid = 'nobody'

Optional user to spawn npm as.

BuildDescription.gid = undefined

Optional group to spawn npm under.


Optional package.json overrides. Can be extended easily from the repository during npm.configure.

Some interesting fields are:

  • engines.node - version to spawn as


A checkout npm module repository to download before building.


The place to use for creating the build.

Understudy Actions

Extensibility for complex actions can be done via Understudy based actions, only before actions are supported.

  • build.configure (buildDescription)
  • npm.configure (buildDescription)
  • npm.package (buildDescription, package)
  • build.output (buildDescription, tgzStream)


Notifications of actions that have been completed are available via the EventEmitter APIs.

  • npm.spawned (buildDescription, npmProcess)

Copyright (C) 2012 Nodejitsu Inc.

Contributors: Bradley Meck, Charlie Robbins

License: MIT

Hammer Icon by Edward Boatman from The Noun Project

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