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A client implementation for Rackspace CloudFiles in node.js


Installing npm (node package manager)

  curl | sh

Installing node-cloudfiles

  npm install cloudfiles

Getting Rackspace Account


The node-cloudfiles library is compliant with the Rackspace CloudFiles API. Using node-cloudfiles is easy for a variety of scenarios: authenticating, creating and working with both containers and storage objects.


Before we can do anything with cloudfiles, we have to authenticate. Authenticating is simple:

  var cloudfiles = require('cloudfiles');
  var example = {
    auth : {
      username: 'your-username',
      apiKey: 'your-api-key'
  cloudfiles.setAuth(example.auth, function () {
    // Work with Rackspace Cloudfiles from here


  1. Finish writing this and sample usage
  2. Implement Storage Object metadata APIs.
  3. Implement outgoing request pooling to increase concurrency.

Run Tests

All of the node-cloudfiles tests are written in vows, and cover all of the use cases described above.

  vows test/*-test.js --spec

Author: Charlie Robbins

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