[Request]: option to perform cache-busting on API call #14

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Ohai guys,

I need this option especially WRT to this call: cloudservers.getServers(true, function(){}). The default cache-control settings for Rackspace calls are 30 minutes - this hurts when I'm spawning servers via script and need IPs on completion... I don't want to wait.

Rackspace's official suggestion is to use dummy get parameters to do cache-busting: http://docs.rackspace.com/servers/api/v1.0/cs-devguide/content/Caching-d1e921.html

Rather than do cache busting on EVERY call, I suggest a flag/variable/option on a per-call basis - anything as long as it works.

I'd do a pull request but IDK if you want to change your request procedures based on what Eran talked about earlier this week. LMK.



indexzero commented Jul 19, 2012

@thegoleffect Sorry for the long turn-around time here. We have pretty much deprecated this library internally, but we're going to be releasing something way better in a few weeks.

If you're interested in contributing to that in the meantime, I can add you as a collab. lmk

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