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Notice here that I have not included paths on the individual domains because this is not possible when using only the HTTP 'Host' header. Care to learn more? See [RFC2616: HTTP/1.1, Section 14.23, "Host"][4].
+### Proxy requests using a 'Pathname Only' ProxyTable
+If you dont care about forwarding to different hosts, you can redirect based on the request path.
+``` js
+var options = {
+ pathnameOnly: true,
+ router: {
+ '/wiki': '',
+ '/blog': '',
+ '/api': ''
+ }
+This comes in handy if you are running separate services or applications on separate paths. Note, using this option disables routing by hostname entirely.
### Proxy requests with an additional forward proxy
Sometimes in addition to a reverse proxy, you may want your front-facing server to forward traffic to another location. For example, if you wanted to load test your staging environment. This is possible when using node-http-proxy using similar JSON-based configuration to a proxy table:

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