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### Core Concept
A new proxy is created by calling `createProxyServer` and passing
-an `options` object as argument ([valid properties are available here](lib/http-proxy.js#L33-L50))
+an `options` object as argument ([valid properties are available here](lib/http-proxy.js#L22-L50))
var httpProxy = require('http-proxy');

1 comment on commit c979ba9

ColtraneNadler commented on c979ba9 Jul 11, 2017 edited

Can I use this module to proxy my requests to dynamic targets, instead of 1 target? Like, lets say I connect from my browser, and want to request through the proxy, and then post to Not http servers on the same machine, in the same script.

And is their already an authentication feature, or do I need to write that myself (Authorization header).

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