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x-forwarded-for not being set properly #107

jfhbrook opened this Issue Sep 12, 2011 · 1 comment

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Via Assistly:

Re: [nodejs] Express logger, output the client ip while using a proxy
Fabryz -

This would probably be best sent to or just drop into
the #nodejitsu IRC room.

x-forwarded-for should be set by node-http-proxy, maybe it's not getting
set? I've forwarded this email to our support team and we'll have someone
look into it.


  • Marak

On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 4:19 AM, Fabryz wrote:

I tried asking in #node.js and #express but no one answered, so let's
try here:

At the moment I'm using this format on express.logger:
app.use(express.logger(':remote-addr - :method :url HTTP/:http-
version :status :res[content-length] - :response-time ms'));

But on the logs on my hosted app in nodejitsu it actually shows their
proxy IP on every request. How to show the real connected client's IP?

Tried with :req[x-forwarded-for] but didn't work.

@dominictarr dominictarr was assigned Sep 12, 2011
nodejitsu member

@dominictarr Can you create a sample app which attempts to reproduce this issue?

@AvianFlu AvianFlu closed this in 5ad7739 Sep 21, 2011
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