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I need help about how node-http-proxy works.
I need to use node-http-proxy to redirect to another server: if I route to, will the connection be kept alive by where node-http-proxy is running and responses return to the node-http-proxy or will become the unique server used ?

In fact, I need more explanations to know if node-http-proxy can redirect connections to another server without keeping connections .

When proxying websockets, is it a redirection and httpProxy.setMaxSockets(n) sets httpProxy max sockets or websocket nodejs server max sockets ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


peters commented Jun 26, 2012

var app = express();
      res.writeHead(301, {'Location':''+req.url, 'Expires': (new Date).toGMTString()});

So, if I understand peters, you tell me that node-http-proxy was not made to do redirection because of your code.
But it acts only as a single entry point to distribute work inside a private network and send back the response to the client ?


indexzero commented Mar 9, 2013

Yes, that is correct.

indexzero closed this Mar 9, 2013

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