How do I make the proxy accept unverified SSL certificates? #306

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It seems like I've troubles when proxying the request to an HTTPS endpoint whose SSL cert is unverified (like a self-signed certificate)


More informations on this issue:
version 0.8.1 works, but using latest version, 0.8.2, the proxy responds with:


while in access.log of the final server (the one with custom SSL) the related line is:

[14/Sep/2012:06:52:55 -0700] "GET /" 400 565 "-" "-"

It looks like version 0.8.2, with https on the final server, sends malformed headers and no path+query string.
Downgrading to 0.8.1 solved this issue

nodejitsu member

@shatsar Are you referring to node@0.8.2 or node-http-proxy@0.8.2?

nodejitsu member

Looks like this was fixed in 2e7d8a8

@indexzero indexzero closed this Nov 29, 2012

I was referring to node-http-proxy@0.8.2, so yeah, it should be fixed (we'll give it a try asap)

Thanks @indexzero

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