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How about proxy to 'CONNECT' request?

In case chrome browser:

  1. chrome send SPDY 'CONNECT' request first
  2. then http-proxy create a tcp/ssl connection to origin server
  3. then chrome send 'HTTP CONNECT' request
  4. then chrome fetch HTTPS request over proxy tunnel.

this way can implements a end-to-end secure forward proxy.

tommuhm commented May 26, 2013

I would also like to see this feature implemented in the module.

Here is my current implementation for the problem (maybe something ca be reused):



jcrugzz commented Jul 9, 2015

if you want to tunnel the proxy request through a tunnel (which uses connect), you want to use something like tunnel-agent and pass it in as the agent. If there is another use case please be more clear and give a code example that does not work.

@jcrugzz I am unable to get https to work in node-http-proxy, here's the code example https://gist.github.com/steelbrain/b24f795fe92ec229ddb9#comment-1489331

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jcrugzz commented Jan 20, 2016

Closing old issue. Please open a new issue if this is a problem as there should be better docs around this

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