Using node-http-proxy as a transparent/translucent proxy #437

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I have a question on how I can get node-http-proxy to handle requests sent to external IP addresses. An example:

I have node-http-proxy listening on port
I have all of my traffic being forwarded untouched to
However, since the packet was untouched. The proxy is ignoring the request due resolving as 123.123.123 as its destination IP.

I also tried to DNAT requests to my proxy, however, I would loose the source IP of the client which would break my internal logic of the proxy.

Is there a guide on how to setup a transparent proxy with node-http-proxy?


ruquay commented Jul 1, 2013

If you post some code, it might be clearer what you are trying to do. Are the IP addresses your are using examples, or are they actual values? Because for me doesn't resolve to 123.123.123 (which isn't even a full IP address) or anything like it.

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