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Global install of http-proxy is not found #438

kretz opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I tried to use http-proxy today using a global install, but the module could not be found. A local install worked fine. FYI I was running a simplified node script without any packages, just a web-server.js file.

npm install -g http-proxy
-> Error: Cannot find module 'http-proxy'

npm install http-proxy

Thanks for a great module!


Is the installation failing? The error message you're posting looks like it comes from trying to require() a module that you don't have. You probably want to install it locally.
From the npm documentation:

  • Install it locally if you´re going to require() it.
  • Install it globally if you´re going to run it on the command line.
  • If you need both, then install it in both places, or use npm link.

This is how node module works. @ruquay is right here.

@mmalecki mmalecki closed this
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