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i'd like to use nodejitsu.com to host an app that does rendezvous between two processes, cf., the "HTTP-specific protocol" implemented here:


the problem is that ithe appt needs to be able to "park" an incoming HTTP connection from one client while waiting for a connection from a second client.

i believe that the easiest way to implement this is for node-http-proxy to implement connect transparently, e.g., node-http-proxy receives

Host: example.nodejitsu.com

establishes a connection to port 8080 on the application, sends the CONNECT verbatim and then transparently copies octets over the connection until it closes, e.g.,

socket1.pipe(socket2); socket2.pipe(socket1);

what's your thinking?



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This question was relevant to nodejitsu as a service before we shut down. Closing due to irrelevance to the library in question as its possible to tap into the connect event. Open a new issue if you have a problem.

@jcrugzz jcrugzz closed this Jan 20, 2016
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