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Warning of incompatibility with 0.10 #459

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I spent quite a lot of time trying to getting a websocket proxy working on 0.10 before digging through the issues and realising 0.10 isn't supported. Maybe it would be worth adding a note to the readme that node-http-proxy is only compatible with 0.8?


+1 This is a pretty major feature break with no notes at all until digging around in the issues list.

@yawnt yawnt added a commit that closed this issue
@yawnt yawnt [fix] add 0.10 link, fixes #459 611a1b1
@yawnt yawnt closed this in 611a1b1
@notatestuser notatestuser added a commit to notatestuser/node-http-proxy that referenced this issue
@notatestuser notatestuser Merge tag 'v0.10.4' into 0.10.x
Version 0.10.4

* tag 'v0.10.4':
  [dist] Version bump. 0.10.4
  [dist] Bump dependencies.
  added option for eventlistenerCount(max)
  added unlimited listeners to the reverproxy event obj.
  [fix] Optimize fix for `x-forwarded-for-port`.
  determine x-forwarded-port from host header
  [dist minor] 2 space indents next time @samalba
  Prevent headers to be sent twice
  Put the arguments the right way around in the README.
  Put the arguments the right way around in emitter.
  Update the README to describe middleware err handler.
  Emit middlewareError when on middleware error.
  Fix for #458. Host header may cause some sites not to be proxyable with changeOrigin enabled
  [fix] remove old reminescence
  [fix] add 0.10 link, fixes #459
  Send path in req.path and not the url

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