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Mention Harmon used for response modifications in the readme #384

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As requested by @indexzero #382
Not sure exactly where I should put the text but middleware seemed to be the best section to me.

@indexzero indexzero merged commit 3ebc795 into nodejitsu:master

@indexzero @No9 This merge/code has been lost to later merges. This is a very useful information, and should be in the README!

Please re-pull this.


@gurjeet while this is an awesome plugin it is no longer compatible with the newest implementation as node-http-proxy has been simplified.


@jcrugzz Thanks for letting me know! I was planning on using it, but you saved me some head-banging :)

Are there any alternatives packages available?


@gurjeet harmon is OPEN open source.
If you make an accepted pull request to upgrade to 1.0.0 http-proxy I will add you as an administrator


@jcrugzz Thanks for your kind words!

So i have updated the harmon docs and tests to reflect the 1.x release version of http-proxy and we have upgraded trumpet. Can you let me know if you would accept a pull request on the README again or are you putting it somewhere else now?
cc @gurjeet @indexzero


@No9 I would totally accept a PR to put that in the docs :).

@No9 No9 referenced this pull request

Adding harmon to the README #716

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+A regular request we receive is to support the modification of html/xml content that is returned in the response from an upstream server.
+[Harmon]( is a stream based middleware plugin that is designed to solve that problem in the most effective way possible.
## Proxying WebSockets
Websockets are handled automatically when using `httpProxy.createServer()`, but if you want to use it in conjunction with a stand-alone HTTP + WebSocket (such as [][5]) server here's how:
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