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Looks like this may fix the issue that I reported #39

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My installation doesn't like the parameters passed as "http, port" to getAgent. I think instanceof may want these variables to be instantiated with the String constructor according to some JavaScript documentation found online but I'm not sure.

In this patch all I did was create an options object and used it in both the HTTP and HTTPS constructors. After that the examples work again.

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@indexzero indexzero Merged pull request #39 from timmattison/master.
Looks like this may fix the issue that I reported
@indexzero indexzero merged commit ac425d7 into nodejitsu:master
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Showing with 4 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +4 −6 lib/node-http-proxy.js
10 lib/node-http-proxy.js
@@ -45,11 +45,9 @@ exports.version = [0, 5, 0];
// and sets the `maxSockets` property appropriately.
function _getAgent (host, port, secure) {
- var agent = !secure ? http.getAgent(host, port) : https.getAgent({
- host: host,
- port: port
- });
+ var options = { host: host, port: port };
+ var agent = !secure ? http.getAgent(options) : https.getAgent(options);
agent.maxSockets = maxSockets;
return agent;
@@ -668,4 +666,4 @@ HttpProxy.prototype.proxyWebSocketRequest = function (req, socket, head, options
if (options.buffer && !errState) {
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