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Fixed redirection on proxy when changeOrigin enable #396

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Redirection has four cases:

  1. redirect to the same target with changeOrigin
  2. redirect to the same target without changeOrigin
  3. redirect to the different target with changeOrigin
  4. redirect to the different target without changeOrigin

the existing code can handle case 2, the fix is for case 1. case 3 and case 4 need to handle proxy response event to add proxy entry by user logic.

thefosk commented Apr 5, 2013



I was just affected by this. Would definitely help my current project to have this merged.

nodejitsu member

We're almost done with a major rewrite that has been under way for several months. Check it out on the caronte branch. We haven't decided what to do with pull-request maintenance before that.

We will likely publish 0.10.99 with most open pull-requests before publishings 1.0.0. cc/ @yawnt


Ok, cool. I'll just fork and pull these commits into my branch to use for now. Thanks for the hard work!

@indexzero indexzero closed this Dec 27, 2013
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