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Commits on May 25, 2011
  1. @indexzero

    [dist] Version bump. 0.2.3

    indexzero committed
  2. @indexzero
  3. @bmeck
  4. @bmeck

    remove debugging

    bmeck committed
  5. @bmeck

    fix missing comma

    bmeck committed
  6. @bmeck
  7. @bmeck
  8. @bmeck
  9. @dominictarr

    fixed fixtures.

    dominictarr committed
  10. @dominictarr

    fixed conflicts

    dominictarr committed
    Merge branch 'master' of
  11. @dominictarr

    remove test/fixture.tar

    dominictarr committed
  12. @dominictarr
  13. @dominictarr
  14. @indexzero

    [dist] Version bump. 0.2.2

    indexzero committed
  15. @indexzero
  16. @indexzero
  17. @indexzero

    [dist] Small update to package.json. Update node versions in package.…

    indexzero committed
    …json manifests used in fixtures.tar
  18. @dominictarr

    fix package.json

    dominictarr committed
  19. @dominictarr

    [test]: fixtures now stored in test/fixtures.tar . this is to work ar…

    dominictarr committed
    …ound .gitignore'ing node_modules
    run tests with `npm test` and it will automaticially install the dependencies,
    then uninstall them after the test.
  20. @indexzero
  21. @indexzero

    [dist] Version bump. 0.2.1

    indexzero committed
  22. @indexzero
  23. @indexzero
  24. @indexzero
  25. @indexzero
Commits on May 24, 2011
  1. @bmeck

    [merge] Syntax error during merge

    bmeck committed
  2. @bmeck
Commits on May 23, 2011
  1. @dominictarr

    [test]: test for issue #15

    dominictarr committed
    [ux]: implement --safe option and add to usuage.
  2. @dominictarr
  3. @dominictarr
  4. @dominictarr

    fixes for test/example-apps-test.js

    dominictarr committed
      loads only dependencies loaded in first tick (was first and second tick)
      tells the module it's checking that it is the main module, so that require-analyzer will exercise the same code paths as carapace.
  5. @dominictarr

    added tests of example apps, checking

    dominictarr committed
      correct versions numbers
      following code paths
      detects require in first tick.
      detecting error states correctly.
      conflicting dependencies
  6. @bmeck

    [api] CLI : --file --dir added.

    bmeck committed
  7. @indexzero

    [dist] Version bump. 0.2.0

    indexzero committed
  8. @indexzero

    [docs] Updated docco docs

    indexzero committed
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