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Nominate your friends in FB
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README for a newly created project.

There are a couple of things you should do first, before you can use all of Git's power:

  • Add a remote to this project: in the Cloud9 IDE command line, you can execute the following commands git remote add [remote name] [remote url (eg. '')] [Enter]
  • Create new files inside your project
  • Add them to to Git by executing the following command git add [file1, file2, file3, ...] [Enter]
  • Create a commit which can be pushed to the remote you just added git commit -m 'added new files' [Enter]
  • Push the commit the remote git push [remote name] master [Enter]

That's it! If this doesn't work for you, please visit the excellent resources from and the Pro Git book. If you can't find your answers there, feel free to ask us via Twitter (@cloud9ide), mailing list or IRC (#cloud9ide on freenode).

Happy coding!


English at the bottom

Aplicacion basada en facebook para que puedas nominar a tus amigos en cualquier tipo de nominacion que se te ocurra, para ver como se hizo sigue este url:

Un ejemplo esta funcionando en la siguiente página:

La página de facebook:


Pequeño manual para usar la aplicacion:


Si quieres contribuir, asegurate de instalar nomi-nation localmente siguiente estos pasos

Ayudanos a resolver los issues abiertos, propón nueva funcionalidad.


Copyright (C) 2011 Ivan Torres -MrPix

See license


Alejandro Morales Awesome coder, nodejshispano owner github

Lupita solis Apoyo Moral y ayuda en diseño/funcionalidad

Oscar Valerio Ayuda en funcionalidad, idea original

Alejandro Y Sofia Galvan, pruebas y ayuda en diseño

Otros beta testers :)


App based on facebook where you can nominate your friends in any type of nomination that you can think of, to see how was it done, visit:

See it working on:

Facebook page:


Small manual for the app (spanish only for now)

Install it

To contribute, install it locally, follow this steps

Help us solve the issues or tell us what do you want to see in the application


Copyright (C) 2012 Ivan Torres -MrPix

See license


Alejandro Morales Awesome coder, nodejshispano owner github

Lupita solis Help on functionality and design

Oscar Valerio original idea

Alejandro Y Sofia Galvan, testing and design help

Others beta testers

Hopefully you :)

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