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Strategic Initiatives

At any one time the Node.js project has a number of strategic initiatives underway. The goal of the TSC is to have a champion for each of these initiatives and to support the initiatives in order to enable their success.

A review of the initiatives will be a standing item on the TSC agenda (even if the update is 'nothing new') as a way to ensure they are active and have the support needed.

Current Initiatives

Initiative Champion Links
Modules Myles Borins
N-API Michael Dawson
Workers Anna Henningson
Core Promise APIs Matteo Collina
Governance Myles Borins
New Streams APIs Jeremiah Senkpiel,
V8 Currency Michaël Zasso
Open Web Standards Myles Borins + Joyee Cheung
Python 3 & GYP Sakthipriyan Vairamani
QUIC / HTTP3 James M Snell
Startup performance Joyee Cheung
Build resources Rich Trott

Need volunteers for

Initiative Champion Links
Mentoring ?
nsp and modules ?
Error Messages ? node#11273, node#18106
Async Hooks ?


Initiative Champion Links
CVE Management Michael Dawson
Moderation Team Rich Trott
VM module fix Franziska Hinkelmann
npm Integration Myles Borins
OpenSSL Evolution Rod Vagg
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