NAPI — Node with PoC ABI stable API for native modules.
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Node.js API (N-API)

This repository is the home for ABI Stable Node API project (N-API). The goal of this project is to provide a stable Node API for native module developers. N-API aims to provide ABI compatibility guarantees across different Node versions and also across different Node VMs - allowing N-API enabled native modules to just work across different versions and flavors of Node.js without recompilations.

It is introduced by this Node enhancement proposal:

N-API is now part of core. Documentation is available here:

As of Node.js version 8.6.0 N-API is enabled by default. If you use an N-API enabled module you will be warned that it is experimental as follows:

(node:16761) Warning: N-API is an experimental feature and could change at any time.

Node.js versions 8.12.0 and above provide N-API as a stable feature.


Currently this repo is being used only for meta issue management and future planning by the N-API team. All branches can be considered stale as they are no longer being maintained. Updates and changes to N-API are being done in the core repo.

API Design & Shape

The current shape of the API can be found in header file node_api.h. Full documentation is available as part of the standard Node.js API docs here:

There is also a header-only C++ API, which simplifies development while still using the same ABI-stable Node API underneath. It is distributed as a separate npm package:

N-API enabled modules

Module Converted By Location Conversion Status Performance Assessment
leveldown n-api team Completed #55
nanomsg n-api team Completed #57
canvas n-api team Completed #77
node-sass n-api team Completed #82
iotivity gabrielschulhof Completed N/A
node-sqlite3 n-api team Completed


In addition to running the tests in the converted modules we also have

How to get involved

  • Convert a native module to use N-API and report issues on conversion and performance;
  • Port ABI stable APIs to your fork of Node and let us know if there are gaps;
  • Review the roadmap and see how you can help accelerate this project.

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