NAPI — Node with PoC ABI stable API for native modules.
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Node.js API (NAPI)

This repository is the home for ABI Stable Node API project (NAPI). The goal of this project is to provide a stable Node API for native module developers. NAPI aims to provide ABI compatibility guarantees across different Node versions and also across different Node VMs – allowing NAPI enabled native modules to just work across different versions and flavors of Node.js without recompilations.

It is introduced by this Node enhancemnet proposal:

This project is in an early proof of concept stage. Check out our roadmap for details on the remaining work.

Copies of the Node.js source with the changes for the ABI Stable Node API are in branches in this repo. Currently we have the following versions:

  • api-prototype-0.10.40
  • api-prototype-0.12.7
  • api-prototype-6.2.0
  • api-prototype-chakracore-7.x
  • api-prototype-8.x
  • api-prototype-chakracore-8.x

API Design & Shape

The current shape of the API can be found in header file node_jsvmapi.h


This repository contains node sources from Node versions 0.10, 0.12, 6.2 and Node-ChakraCore version 7.0, with addition of ABI stable Node APIs. The branches are named according to the node versions that have been enabled with NAPI support.

NAPI enabled modules

Module Converted By Location Performance Assesment
leveldown boingoing / ianwjhalliday #55
nanomsg sampsongao #57
canvas jasongin #77
node-sass boingoing In progress
sqllite3 sampsongao / mhdawson In progress
iotivity gabrielschulhof In progress


In addition to running the tests in the converted modules. We have also

How to get involved

  • Convert a native module to use NAPI and report issues on conversion and performance;
  • Port ABI stable APIs to your fork of Node and let us know if there are gaps;
  • Review the roadmap and see how can you can help accelerate this project.

Hangout link for weekly standup

Project Participants