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Facilitating joint collaboration amongst the TSC and CommComm
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Administration for TSC + Community Committee collaborative efforts

This repository is formal efforts of the Node.js project that are overseen and require input from both the TSC and CommComm.

Initiatives that are overseen here:

Repositories that fall under the responsibility of the TSC and CommComm:

Governance and Current Members

The Admin repo is overseen by the TSC and CommComm as collaborative groups. Any action requiring consensus and voting will abide by the following process.

Members of the TSC and CommComm shall operate under Lazy Consensus as a collaborative unit in the Admin repo hereby referenced as the Admin members. Members shall establish appropriate guidelines for implementing Lazy Consensus (e.g. expected notification and review time periods) within the development process.

For all votes, the vote must pass in both TSC and CommComm or else the motion fails. If an individual happens to be in both committees, then they would end up with two votes.

Contacts for assistance

Admin members

All active members of the TSC and CommComm.

Node.js Foundation Calendar

A calendar of The Foundation's meetings can be found at:

Click +GoogleCalendar at the bottom right to add to your own Google calendar.

The calendar is maintained by:

All calendar maintainers have Make changes AND manage sharing permissions. If you would like to help maintain your team's calendar events, open a PR adding your name to the list above. Once approved, one of the calendar maintainers will add you to the calendar settings.

This list should be reviewed and pruned annually (at minimum). The calendar has a yearly recurring event on Jan 31st for this. An issue should be opened asking the calendar maintainers for their continued volunteering efforts (directly @-mention all members). After 1 week, this list should be PRed removing members that did not respond. The calendar permissions to be updated once merged.

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