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Benchmarking Work Group


The Benchmark working group's purpose is to gain consensus for an agreed set of benchmarks that can be used to:

  1. Track and evangelize performance gains made between Node releases
  2. Avoid performance regressions between releases

Its responsibilities are:

  1. Identify 1 or more benchmarks that reflect customer usage. Likely need more than one to cover typical Node use cases including low-latency and high concurrency
  2. Work to get community consensus on the list chosen
  3. Add regular execution of chosen benchmarks to Node builds
  4. Track/publicize performance between builds/releases

The path forward is to:

See here for information about the infrastructure in place so far:

Current Project Team Members

  • Michael Dawson (@mhdawson) Facilitaor
  • Trevor Norris (@trevnorris)
  • Ali Sheikh (@ofrobots)
  • Yosuke Furukawa (@yosuke-furukawa)
  • Yunong Xiao (@yunong)
  • Mark Leitch (@m-leitch)
  • Surya V Duggirala (@suryadu)
  • Uttam Pawar (@uttampawar)
  • Michael Paulson (@michaelbpaulson)
  • Gareth Ellis (@gareth-ellis)
  • Wayne Andrews (@CurryKitten)
  • Kyle Farnung (@kfarnung)
  • Kunal Pathak (@kunalspathak)
  • Benedikt Meurer (@bmeurer)
  • Sathvik Laxminarayan (@sathvikl)