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Executive Director’s Summary of June 2017 Board Meeting

Topics for discussion In this month’s board meeting:

  • The May Board meeting notes for both the public and private meetings were ratified by the Board of Directors
  • Elections for Silver Foundation Membership will come up in August, Gold Foundation Membership in December
  • Elections for Node.js Foundation officers will happen by September 13th, platinum members are eligible for officer positions and then gold and silver if previous class doesn’t not run a candidate.
  • We need to publish the merged bylaws of the Node.js Foundation - [Mark created PR with latest bylaws -]
  • Individual Active membership for the Node.js Foundation has increased to 177
  • Registrations are on the rise for Node Interactive on October 4-6 in Vancouver, British Columbia -
  • Node Foundation Strategy
    • Community is very good at self-organizing and driving coordination
    • Need to provide same mechanism for the Foundation members(corporations) to collaborate and drive Node.js as well
  • Requests were made for additional travel funds for the TSC and The Community Committee, the board sentiment was positive but needed more detail and coordination between the TSC and Community Committee to provide appropriation of the funds.
  • Medium Followers increased to 91k (2k increase month over month)
  • Twitter followers for @nodejs increased to 449.8K followers (an increase of 6.8k followers), for comparison @java has 338k followers, @docker has 239K and @kubernetesio has 67.7K
  • Updates to the Community Committee Charter were approved as requested in
  • Node.js 8 downloads in the first week were higher than Node.js 5,6 & 7 first week and second only to Node.js 4.0 for total download volume
  • The next board of Director’s meeting will take place in person in San Francisco during Node Summit on July 25th