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27 June 2016

A public session of a regular meeting of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Node.js Foundation, a Delaware not-for-profit membership corporation, was held on 27 June 2016 at 2:00pm Pacific Time via teleconference.



  • Ashley Williams (Individual Member)
  • Brian McCallister (Groupon)
  • Charlie Robbins (GoDaddy)
  • Colleen Evans (Microsoft)
  • Feross Aboukhadijeh (Individual Member)
  • Rod Vagg (NodeSource)
  • Scott Hammond (Joyent)
  • Todd Moore (IBM)


  • Andrew Updegrove (Gesmer Updegrove LLC)

Also participating

  • Mikeal Rogers (The Linux Foundation)
  • Tracy Hinds (The Linux Foundation)
  • Scott Nicholas (The Linux Foundation)
  • Brett Preston (The Linux Foundation)


Call to Order

Director Hammond called the meeting to order at 2:04pm Pacific Time and Mr. Preston recorded the minutes. A quorum of Directors was established for the conduct of business and the meeting, having been duly convened, was ready to proceed with business.

Antitrust Compliance Notice

Mr. Rogers reviewed the Antitrust Compliance Notice.

Current Membership and Board Directors

Mr. Rogers reviewed the current membership.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Rogers asked the Directors to approve the minute of the private session of the May 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors which had been attached as Exhibit A to the slide deck distributed in advance of the meeting. Upon motion duly made by Director Moore, seconded by Director Hammond and approved by all Directors in attendance, the following resolution was adopted:

Resolved: The the minutes of the private session of the May 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A, are hereby confirmed, approved and adopted.

Node.js in the Media

Mr. Rogers introduced the topic of Node.js in the media, noting that the project has recently completed a lot of analyst briefings. Mr. Rogers added medium posts have gone out on CapitalOne, Sphinx, and GoDaddy.

Mr. Rogers noted Twitter grew another 17k followers in May.

TSC Update

Mr. Rogers introduced the topic of a TSC update and requested Director Vagg provide an overview of recent activity. Director Vagg noted that stdio related problems are difficult to solve and are causing some consternation that the project is working to address.

Director Vagg added that ES Modules discussion with spec writers and VM implementers is ongoing, with the project aiming to get a better outcome for Node. Director Vagg also noted that Bradley is joining TC39.

Director Vagg noted that better Electron collaboration is under discussion.

Director Vagg also highlighted that the TSC will be organizing regular WG Roundups to improve visibility.

Events Update

Mr. Rogers introduced the topic of an events update, noting that Node.js Live went well, although a major storm did impact attendance.

Mr. Rogers noted that as it relates to Node.js Interactive, for EU 95% of talks have been accepted and placed on a schedule, adding that in EU there is a lot of enthusiasm about the Collaborator Summit. Mr. Rogers stated that there are now three sponsors for Interactive in Europe and five sponsors for Interactive in the United States.

General Questions

Discussion arose around how to enable better collaboration between Node Foundation and TC39. Suggestion was risen to look at members on the Node Foundation who have seats on TC39 Board to look at how to best leverage. Director Vagg requested those who have a seat whom would be interested in how to help contribute to contact him. AirBnB was also highlighted as a potential resource.


At 2:21pm Pacific Time, Director Hammond adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,