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29 August 2016

A public session of a regular meeting of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Node.js Foundation, a Delaware not-for-profit membership corporation, was held on 29 August 2016 at 2:00pm Pacific Time via teleconference.



  • Todd Moore (IBM)
  • Colleen Evans (Microsoft)
  • Ashley Williams (Individual Member)
  • Rich Sharples (Red Hat)
  • Brian McCallister (Groupon)
  • Rod Vagg (NodeSource)
  • Justin Beckwith (Google)
  • Danese Cooper (PayPal)
  • Scott Hammond (Joyent)


  • Andrew Updegrove (Gesmer Updegrove LLC)

Also participating

  • Mikeal Rogers (The Linux Foundation)
  • Todd Benzies (The Linux Foundation)
  • Michael Dolan (The Linux Foundation)
  • Tracy Hinds (The Linux Foundation)


Call to Order

Director Cooper called the meeting to order at 2:03pm Pacific Time and Mr. Benzies recorded the minutes. A quorum of Directors was established for the conduct of business and the meeting, having been duly convened, was ready to proceed with business.

Antitrust Compliance Notice

Mr. Rogers reviewed the Antitrust Compliance Notice.

Current Membership and Board Directors

Mr. Rogers reviewed the current membership, noting that and Dynatrace have joined as Silver Members, which brings the number of Silver Members to 20.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Rogers asked the Directors to approve the minutes of the public session of the June 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors which had been attached as Exhibit A to the slide deck distributed in advance of the meeting. Upon motion duly made by Director Moore, seconded by Director Cooper and approved by all Directors in attendance, the following resolution was adopted:

Resolved: The the minutes of the private session of the May 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A, are hereby confirmed, approved and adopted.

New Silver Directors

Mr. Rogers presented a resolution to acknowledge the election of two Silver Member Directors. Upon motion duly made by Director Cooper, seconded by Director Moore and approved by all Directors in attendance, the following resolution was adopted:


That the Board hereby acknowledges the election of the following individuals by the Silver Members to serve as a Silver Director (as defined in the By-laws):

  • Brian McCallister (Groupon)
  • Justin Beckwith (Google)

TSC Election

Mr. Rogers introduced the topic of TSC election, noting that the TSC is in the process of having its annual election. Director Vagg noted that has sent the Board an email on this topic and that the TSC expects to have the election complete by next week.

A question was raised as to whether Director Vagg will be running in the election again. Director Vagg noted that he will be running in the election.

TSC Inclusivity Request

Mr. Rogers introduced the topic of TSC inclusivity requested and asked for Director Vagg to lead the discussion. Director Vagg noted that the TSC, on behalf of the Inclusivity WG, is asking that the Board investigate ways the Foundation can improve support for inclusivity in the Node.js ecosystem, above and beyond just the technical community.

Discussion ensued, leading to the outcome that Mr. Rogers and Ms. Hinds will develop a proposal to bring to the September Board meeting for full Board review. Director Moore, Director Beckwith, Director Evans, Director McCallister, and Director Williams each offered to provide input to Mr. Rogers and Ms. Hinds and participate in the process as they develop the proposal.

Node.js in the Media

Mr. Rogers introduced the topic of Node.js in the media, noting that coverage dropped over the last few months, partially due to decreased activity in the Summer month. Mr. Rogers noted that the spike in Java coverage in May was actually negative press.

A question was raised as to whether there will be a new PR push in Fall. Mr. Rogers noted that there will be a revamped PR push, with additional focus on the Interactive events.

Mr. Rogers provided an update on recent content, noting enterprise conversations with Lowes and Groupon, the “Only at Interactive” series on Medium, a NASA case study, as well as a Fusion Marketing case study. Mr. Rogers noted the use of “Twitter Cards” for promotion of the Interactive events.

A comment was made to consider holding a twitter Q&A session to help promote Node.js

Interactive EU and drive registration. Director Moore and Director Cooper offered to help with this initiative.

A comment was made that blog posts with speaker interviews is also great promo material.

Events Update

Mr. Rogers introduced the topic of an events update, noting that the London and Boston Live events were the best attended, not including Beijing. He also noted very positive feedback from both events. Mr. Rogers noted that the videos from the London event are now live on the Node.js Foundation YouTube channel.

Mr. Rogers reminded the Board that Node.js Interactive is now three weeks away. Mr. Rogers noted that the talks for Node.js Interactive US have now been selected.

Director Williams noted that NodeTogether continues to get positive feedback, as well as draw an increasingly diverse audience.

2017 Events Plan

Mr. Rogers introduced the topic of 2017 events planning, noting that the suggested plan is to hold a single, large, US-based event likely in September in a lower-cost city. He also noted a secondary goal of reducing the footprint and cost of the Live events by running them as tours, as opposed to single events each month. Mr. Rogers noted that this would be run directly by the Foundation and Community, without the need for formal event managers.

A comment was made that this format could potentially be viewed as being too US-centric.

Open Discussion

A question was raised as to where people interested in learning more about ES6 modules can go. Director Vagg noted that the most relevant work is happening in the node-eps repo where there is the original proposal, as well as a new proposal.


At 2:31pm Pacific Time, the Directors unanimously voted to adjourn the public session.

Respectfully submitted,


Danese Cooper, Chairperson