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Node.js Foundation Bootstrap Team Meeting 2018-11-12



  • Myles Borins (@MylesBorins)
  • Mike Dolan (@mkdolan)
  • Jory Burson (@jorydotcom)
  • Adam Miller (@amiller-gh)
  • Tracy Hinds (@hackygolucky)
  • Bruce MacNaughton (@bmacnaughton)
  • Abraham Jr. Agiri (@codeekage)
  • Michael Dawson (@mhdawson)
  • Brian Warner (@brianwarner)
  • Sakthipriyan Vairamani (@thefourtheye)


Extracted from bootstrap-agenda labelled issues and pull requests from the nodejs org prior to the meeting.

Approving PRs (3 minute timebox)

  • Draft Staging Process #23
    • 3 minute timebox
    • Jory introduced the process and noted that it can be simplified as necessary.
    • Myles proposes moving forward once grammatical changes are landed
    • Myles takes action to land

Stage Advancement (3 minute timebox)

  • Governance stage 1 #32
    • 3 minute timebox
    • Proposal to move governance from stage 0 to stage 1
    • We have a general idea of how we’re doing it, but don’t need consensus on exact wording
    • Myles takes action to land

Update on progress (4 minute timebox)

  • First Pass at Bootstrap Process #7
    • 2 minute timebox
    • Adam will close current PR.
    • New PR to be opened by Adam on the README with the current contents migrated
  • Create expectations for foundation draft #6
    • 2 minute timebox
    • Open question: At what point do we consider the proposals firm enough to start getting feedback from lawyers and board members?
    • Open question: How do we ensure that budget responsibility is sufficiently consolidated to ensure that all required actions are taken throughout the year? (establishing budget, ensuring project execution, etc)
    • Tracy takes action to incorporate TSC and CommComm’s expectations of the board and the executive committee into PR

Discussion (45 minute timebox)

  • How often / when do we meet? #21
    • 2 minute timebox
    • Action to revisit in next meeting to find a time that works for Asia, Africa, and Europe, as well as EST and PST
  • Drafting initial governance for merged foundation #33
    • 40 minute timebox
    • Mike D takes action to make governance document public
    • Decision to retain name of “Cross Project Council”
    • Open question: How will the community be represented? Multiple representation structures have been proposed, this likely merits being broken out into a separate thread.
    • Suggestion: begin with the individual membership proposal and modify as necessary.
    • Tracy takes action to start a new thread about individual representation