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We should have a contributing guidelines file:

Inital Draft, open to ideas

Flaky and Skip Changes to lookup.json

The process for adding flaky or skip tags to the lookup.json is reasonably simple. Make your changes put together a PR with ideally a link to the community CI failing and then it will be reviewed.

Submitting a module to CitGM

There are several requirements for adding a module to the lookup.json:

Hard Requirements

  • Module source code must be on Github.
  • Published versions must include a tag on Github
  • The test process must be executable with only the commands
    npm install && npm test using the tarball downloaded from the Github tag
    mentioned above
  • The tests pass on supported major release lines
  • The maintainers of the module remain responsive when there are problems

Soft Requirements

At least one of:

  • The module must be actively used by the community
  • The module must be heavily depended on
  • The module must cover unique portions of our API
  • The module fits into a key category (e.g. Testing, Streams, Monitoring, etc.)
  • The module is under the Node.js foundation Github org
  • The module is identified as an important module by a Node.js Working Group

Making changes to CitGM

There are a few basic requirements for making changes to CitGM

  • Create an issue prior to submitting PR's as this can help speed up the process
  • Include tests for your code wherever possible
  • Ensure that npm test passes before submitting the PR
  • Please squash commits all commits into one single commit
gibfahn commented Jan 9, 2017

Could you make this a PR so we can comment on it?

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