The Node.js Foundation Community Committee (aka CommComm)
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Community Committee

The Community Committee is a top-level committee in the Node.js Foundation focused on community-facing efforts.

For more details read the Community Committee Charter, adopted by the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors on March 10th 2017.

Why does the Community Committee exist?

The Community Committee reflects a formal role and the relevance of the voice of community in the governance of the Node.js project. The formation of this group as a committee alongside the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) demonstrates that community-focused contributions are valued by the contributors of Node.js, and that roles other than those of code contributor help foster a healthy, sustainable open source community.

The Community Committee works to empower people in every part of the project. By making the Node.js project more diverse and improving the environment for inclusivity, we attract a wider range of views, voices, and opinions, which in turn helps us ship better software.

For that reason, we advocate for the usage of a Code of Conduct. We've also learned that our goals are not easily accomplished with that alone. Community Committee initiatives and the related working groups are formed with the intent of improving the cultural development and outreach within the Node.js Foundation, and are therefore suited to engaging people with non-coding skill sets to contribute as well.


code commits !== the only means to contributions.

The Community Committee is tasked with growing and sustaining the Node.js Community. If you're reading this, you're already a part of that community and we'd love to have your help!

Before you get started, here's a broad outline of the Community Committee's governance structure:

  • Community Committee (meta-level concerns, cross-cutting with other teams)
    • Initiatives (focused on specific tasks, independent from the Community Committee). For example, the Website Redesign Initiative, which is focused on a complete redesign of the website
    • Working Groups (like initiatives, but more autonomous and broad in scope)

As seen here, most of the community work that immediately affects the project is done within the numerous initiatives. We recommend checking the list of initiatives below and getting involved with one that you find interesting! If nothing suits your fancy and you have concrete ideas, open an issue here! We can help to point you in the right direction.

To get started with contributing, you should read the Contributing Guidelines document. This document details the roles you can take on. It also includes a guide to contributing and links to good first issues where we're looking for help.

If you're interested in participating in the Community Committee directly, you should create an issue asking to be a Guest in our next Community Committee meeting. You can find a great example of such an issue here!


Community Committee meetings will be broadcast via Zoom, will be announced ahead of time for access, and coordinated to optimize for contributor timezones.

Meeting cadence is every other week on Thursdays. Please check the Node.js Foundation calendar for next scheduled meeting. Also, the issues section of this repo will include a CommComm meeting issue, some time before it begins.

We stream our conference call straight to YouTube so anyone can listen to it live, it should start playing at when we turn it on. There's usually a short cat-herding time at the start of the meeting and then occasionally we have some quick private business to attend to before we can start recording & streaming. Please be patient, and it should show up.

Current Initiatives, Teams, and Working Groups


Initiatives are projects that the Community Committee and the broader community members are collaborating on to enable Node.js across the ecosystem. A complete list of current initiatives is available at

If you're looking to get started with participating, the following are fairly straightforward initiatives that could use your help:

Initiative Champion Links
Badges @amiller-gh
i18n @obensource
Mentorship @Bamieh and @dshaw
User Feedback @dshaw
Website Redesign @amiller-gh and @chowdhurian


Working Groups

Governance and Current Members

The Community Committee is an autonomous committee that collaborates alongside the TSC and whose governance is strongly influenced by the TSC's example. See to learn more about the group's evolving structure and for guidance about the expectations for all contributors to this project.

Community Committee Members

Individual Membership Directors

Individual Membership Directors represent individual members of the foundation. They represent both the Individual Membership and Community Committee on the Node.js Board of Directors.

Community Committee Emeriti