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Diagnostics Working Group

The goal of this WG is to ensure Node provides a set of comprehensive, documented, extensible diagnostic protocols, formats, and APIs to enable tool vendors to provide reliable diagnostic tools for Node.

Work is divided into several domains:

Background, reference documentation, samples, and discussion for each domain is contained within its folder.

Work needed includes:

  • Collect, understand, and document existing diagnostic capabilities and entry-points throughout Node, V8, and other components.
  • Collect and document projects and products providing diagnostics for Node with brief description of their technical architecture and sponsoring organizations.
  • Identify opportunities and gaps, then propose and implement solutions.

Current Initiatives

Initiative Champion Stakeholders Links
Diagnostic Channel @qard
Async Hooks @ofrobots
Async Context @mike-kaufman @kjin
Node-report in core @mhdawson @richardlau coming soon
Support tiers @mhdawson
CPU Profiling @mmarchini
Post-mortem WG merge @mmarchini

Need volunteers for

Initiative Champion Links
Trace Events
Performance Profiles
Time-travel debugging
Platform neutrality


  • Monthly Meetings
  • Biannual F2F