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Getting Started in Node.js! MIT Licensed

answers the tough questions, through documentation resources, of how we get started in Node.js.

Node.js green hexagon

New to programming?
New to JavaScript?
New to Node.js but coming from [X] language?
New to contributing to Node.js?

File issues to let us know what you'd like to learn. See Contributing below to help others through creating help documents.

Getting Started Guides


If you're looking for help while writing Node.js, ask questions in the Node.js Help repository. No question is too small!

When looking for help, search for your question in these venues:


Want to write a document?

Please contribute! Check out our existing documents in this repository to improve existing resources, and look at issues to discover resources people would love to learn from but don't yet exist. To get started, you have to fork this repo to your own GitHub account first.

Please try to write documentation that prioritizes the LTS version. Keeping work updated is ideal but understandably tough.

If you want to submit a new feature or a bugfix, the best way is to create the changes in a separate branch, e.g.: git checkout -b feature/mycoolfeature. This will make it easier for you to submit a pull request and get your contribution merged.

Getting Started Collaborators