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pierreneter Update Vietnamese.
My Mother Language is Vietnamese.
This content has not been updated for a long time, the line describing the redirect to nodejs has not been translated. I have completed this translation for Vietnamese.
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MIT Licensed

Project Structure

  • ./content contains the source articles, organized by language-team groupings. Articles are written in Github-flavoured Markdown.
  • ./gulp organizes the Gulp.js-driven build scripts used by the project.
  • ./public currently contains the full library of website content generated by the build scripts. Changes should not be made directly here. Soon, we'll be switching over to leveraging iojs/build to help automate this.
  • ./source houses the reusable styling and structural elements used by the project.
  • ./wg-meetings is an archive of the meeting minutes from this project's Working Group (see ./

Running Locally


git clone
npm install

Local Development

npm run gulp develop

Or just run gulp develop if you have it installed globally. You can also run npm run gulp build to run the build script, if you don't wish to have a dev server running.

Runs a local HTTP server on port 4657 with live-reload, which will update your browser immediately with content or style changes. Generated assets are provided to the ./public directory for publishing.


The website is currently hosted on a (sponsored) 3rd party provider with a deployment process managed via the io.js build team. As repo changes are approved and merged to the master branch, changes are automatically deployed within a few minutes.

Current Project Team Members

  • Trent Oswald (@therebelrobot) Facilitator
  • Mikeal Rogers (@mikeal)
  • Jeremiah Senkpiel (@Fishrock123)
  • Charlie Robbins (@indexzero)
  • Sean Ouimet (@snostorm)
  • Zeke Sikelianos (@zeke)
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