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node-gyp v10.0.0

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@github-actions github-actions released this 28 Oct 23:47


  • use .npmignore file to limit which files are published (#2921)
  • the Gyp class exported is now created using ECMAScript classes and therefore might have small differences to classes that were previously created with util.inherits.
  • All internal functions have been coverted to return promises and no longer accept callbacks. This is not a breaking change for users but may be breaking to consumers of node-gyp if you are requiring internal functions directly.
  • node-gyp now supports node ^16.14.0 || >=18.0.0


  • convert all internal functions to async/await (355622f)
  • convert internal classes from util.inherits to classes (d52997e)
  • drop node 14 support (#2929) (1b3bd34)
  • drop rimraf dependency (4a50fe3)
  • gyp: update gyp to v0.16.1 (#2923) (707927c)
  • replace npmlog with proc-log (4a50fe3)
  • update engines.node to ^14.17.0 || ^16.13.0 || >=18.0.0 (4a50fe3)
  • use .npmignore file to limit which files are published (#2921) (864a979)

Bug Fixes

  • create Python symlink only during builds, and clean it up after (#2721) (0f1f667)
  • promisify build command (4a50fe3)
  • use fs/promises in favor of fs.promises (4a50fe3)



  • Add note about Python symlinks (PR 2362) to for 9.1.0 (#2783) (b3d41ae)
  • Do not hardcode the supported versions of Python (#2880) (bb93b94)
  • update applicable GitHub links from master to main (#2843) (d644ce4)
  • Update windows installation instructions in (#2882) (c9caa2e)