@NickNaso NickNaso Updated "binding.gyp" files out in the wild (markdown) Jun 18, 2017 828544d
@xudafeng xudafeng ADDED: Node.js binding to OpenCV Apr 30, 2017 3ac3e7c
@raza2022 raza2022 I highly missing it in common issue as every windows biggner face that issue Mar 17, 2017 9f81478
@NickNaso NickNaso Added Ghostscript4JS Mar 4, 2017 0326998
@nickdesaulniers nickdesaulniers Updated "binding.gyp" files out in the wild (markdown) Jun 28, 2016 913f7c7
@peter--bolier--zero peter--bolier--zero sorry, forgot to mention a specific windows version. Jun 6, 2016 09d133d
@peter--bolier--zero peter--bolier--zero if ouns that the -h did not help. I founs on github that there was support for visual studio 2015, while i couldn't install node-red beacuse it kept telling me the key 2015 was missing. looking in he gyp python code i found the local file was bot up t dat with the github repo. updating took several efforts before i tried to drop the -g option. Jun 6, 2016 e6d427b
@XadillaX XadillaX Updated "binding.gyp" files out in the wild (markdown) Jun 6, 2016 d54c77f
@ORESoftware ORESoftware Updated Updating npm's bundled node gyp (markdown) Nov 16, 2015 766e2b4
@DieterDePaepe DieterDePaepe Clarification + direct link to VS2010 Aug 24, 2015 493b66d
@saper saper +node-sass in the wild Aug 20, 2015 e758cca
@jeghers jeghers Note: VS2010 seems to be no longer available! VS2013 or nothing! Apr 8, 2015 56e36dd
@rikkotec rikkotec Added nk-xrm-installer .gyp references, including .py scripts for providing complete reference to examples of fetching source via http, extracting, and moving files (as opposed to copying) Mar 21, 2015 d6b3c1e
@rikkotec rikkotec Added nk-mysql (nodamysql) Feb 20, 2015 b131491
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@zekesonxx zekesonxx Added details for properly fixing `LNK1181 file kernel32.lib not found` Aug 24, 2014 db13890
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Dane Springmeyer add topcube, node-osmium, and node-osrm Oct 5, 2013 fd2b3fd
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