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WAF=python tools/waf-light --jobs=1
@$(WAF) build
@$(WAF) -v build
@$(WAF) -p build
@$(WAF) install
@$(WAF) uninstall
test: all
python tools/ --mode=release simple
test-all: all
python tools/ --mode=debug,release
test-release: all
python tools/ --mode=release
test-debug: all
python tools/ --mode=debug
test-simple: all
python tools/ simple
test-pummel: all
python tools/ pummel
test-internet: all
python tools/ internet
benchmark: all
build/default/node benchmark/run.js
# gem install ronn
doc: doc/node.1 doc/api.html doc/index.html doc/changelog.html
## HACK to give the ronn-generated page a TOC
doc/api.html: doc/api.markdown doc/api_header.html doc/api_footer.html
ronn -f --html doc/api.markdown \
| sed "s/<h2>\(.*\)<\/h2>/<h2 id=\"\1\">\1<\/h2>/g" \
| cat doc/api_header.html - doc/api_footer.html > doc/api.html
doc/changelog.html: ChangeLog
echo '<html><head><title>Node.js ChangeLog</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="./pipe.css" type="text/css" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="./pipe-quirks.css" type="text/css" /> <body><h1>Node.js ChangeLog</h1> <pre>' > doc/changelog.html
cat ChangeLog >> doc/changelog.html
echo '</pre></body></html>' >> doc/changelog.html
doc/node.1: doc/api.markdown
ronn --roff doc/api.markdown > doc/node.1
website-upload: doc
scp doc/*
@-rm -f doc/node.1 doc/api.html doc/changelog.html
@$(WAF) clean
@-find tools -name "*.pyc" | xargs rm -f
distclean: docclean
@-find tools -name "*.pyc" | xargs rm -f
@-rm -rf build/ node node_g
@tools/waf-light check
VERSION=$(shell git describe)
dist: doc/node.1 doc/api.html
git archive --prefix=$(TARNAME)/ HEAD > $(TARNAME).tar
mkdir -p $(TARNAME)/doc
cp doc/node.1 $(TARNAME)/doc/node.1
cp doc/api.html $(TARNAME)/doc/api.html
tar rf $(TARNAME).tar \
$(TARNAME)/doc/node.1 \
rm -r $(TARNAME)
gzip -f -9 $(TARNAME).tar
.PHONY: benchmark clean docclean dist distclean check uninstall install all test test-all website-upload
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