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- tmp directory test/tmp for all files created during tests.
- fix tests for NODE_MODULE_CONTEXTS=1
- readline
- fix for two column glyphs. use Markus Kuhn's wcwidth.c
- fix for commands that extend beyond term width
- SSL should be factored out of net.js into standalone stream object
- add completion callbacks to all stream write() methods
- Erradicate all traces of 'binary' encoding. Only used, now, in OpenSSL
- Documentation needs a major refactor; should generate more than one HTML
page/man page from the single api.markdown file. Deep sections should be
- debug and production modes
- EventSource branch merged
- TCP servers should have an optional number of maximum connections. When
the maximum is reached it stops accepting new connections.
- compile under clang
- Use C++ style casts everywhere.
- fs.readFile[Sync] should not call stat() and use the length.
Test on Linux's /proc/sys/kernel/hostname
- Ruby-like Process#detach (is that possible?)
- stderr isn't flushing on exit
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